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CHOATE Mossberg 930 & 935 Mark 5 Pistol Grip Stock

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Item Number: 02-01-40
This Mark 5 pistol grip stock fits the Mossberg 930 and 935 semi auto shotgun it reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb to make follow-up shots faster and more accurate. Single-handed firing is also made much easier. The stock is made of tough fiberglass filled plastic and comes with a soft 1" rubber recoil pad and a quick detach swivel stud. The MK5 pistol grip stock features our spacer system which comes with one 3/4 spacer included. You can lengthen your stock by simply adding new spacers and longer screws.

* NOTE: The 930/935 shotguns can not be shortened shorter than 13 3/4 inches because of the recoil spring tube that protrudes form the back of the receiver.

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