Gun Accessories

We have a variety of gun accessories, quality rifle stocks, and scopes and optics. Modify your AR, AK, Ruger, Saiga, SKS, Mossberg, Remington, Mosin Nagant, Winchester and many more firearms with any of our brand name manufacturer's products.
Our prices are competitive, if not less, than other suppliers and we have a flat shipping rate of $6.95 within the U.S., shipments are sent within 24 business hours.

Using any of our rifle stocks to customize your firearm, you can construct an M4 for CQB work or one of our composite sniper stocks to build your long-range rifle. Our extensive inventory also includes shotgun stocks whether it is a pistol grip configuration, a pistol grip shoulder stock, a railed forend system for adaptability, a folding stock, or a collapsible recoil suppression system.

Our inventory of gun accessories allows you to customize your tactical or assault rifle with products such as six-position stocks, quad rail systems, and vertical grips; in addition, you can install a different grip from standard, sniper, to SAW grips.

Owning a precision-rifle means having the greatest possible accuracy, at a distance to achieve the greatest balance for your weapon to ensure multiple, accurate shots. Depending on your firearm, you will want a stock that is sturdy but adjustable. You may want to lengthen your stock or add a vertically adjustable cheek rest to customize your rifle to your specific shooting position.

We also have quality stocks for shotguns and a complete set of adapters and spacers allow for easy installation to your Remington, Mossberg, Winchester, Saiga, Maverick, Rossi, and NEF. Modify your shotgun with one of our stocks from ATI, like the tactical shotgun stock, a top folding, side folding stocks, or a rear pistol grip stock.

Check out our Blackhawk, Spec Op Series, NRS stocks, Knoxx Recoil Suppression Technology stock, Breacher's grip; which a recoil reducing pistol grip.

In addition, we carry several configurations of Choate stocks and the TAPCO Interfuse System, which are some of the finest rifle stocks available in the market today. Check out our everyday low prices or browse though our catalog and shop online for affordable gun accessories, stocks and scopes at Ken Arnold CSA!