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We are a full line distributor for rifle stocks, shotgun stocks and more than 1,000 gun accessories. We ship directly from our warehouse, usually within 24 business hours.
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Featured Products

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TAPCO Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer - BLACK
Price: $103.99
TAPCO Ruger 10/22 Tactical Trainer - BLACK
ruger 10/22 stock, TacTrainer, BLACK
TAPCO SKS Standard Stock System, No Bayonet Cut - BLACK
Price: $79.99
TAPCO SKS Standard Stock System, No Bayonet Cut - BLACK
SKS standard stock system BLACK
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We carry accessories for your 


AR, AK, SKS, RUGER, SAIGA, REMINGTON, MOSSBERG, MOSIN NAGANT and for most tactical rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns.
As a gun owner, you may need upgrades and accessories from time to time. Ken Arnold Composite Stocks & Accessories has over 1,200 items for hunters,gunsmiths, collectors, police, and firearm enthusiasts. We carry composite stocks for rifles and shotguns, along with combat stocks. In addition, we have upgrade equipment for most tactical firearms.
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We have suspended international shipping (hopefully temporarily). We are sorry to notify you that the Obama administration has deemed our products to be "destructive devices", thus controlling the sale outside the U.S.A. by changing I.T.A.R.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations From its original intent. For additional information we urge you to research this.

Table of Contents

Rifle Stocks Gas Tubes Pistons Gun Accessories
KenArnoldCSA, carries SKS rifle stocks, AR-15, AK-47/74, and SKS gas tubes and gas pistons.

Rifle Scopes Optics Tactical Lights Lasers
Rifle scopes, gun optics, lasers, mounts, and more for precision accuracy when hunting or shooting.

Gun Accessories Grips Tactical Weapon Parts
Our gun accessories include tools, slings, grips, and a wide variety of parts for your firearms.

Contact Ken Arnold CSA
Contact us for combat stocks, additional products, and shipping information at 1-615-443-8507.

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