Rifle Scopes

If you are looking for rifle scopes, we have a warehouse full of high-tech optics, lights, mounts and all the accessories you need to hit your target with precision accuracy.

UTG Scopes

We have a large variety of scopes for your hunting rifle, tactical rifle or shotgun and high-quality scopes for your sniper rifles. These include red dot, green dot CQB to long-eye relief scopes and full 36 color reticle.


This line includes the Freedom series, Courage series, tactical for reticle sight, including laser red dot scopes with all the mounts and accessories to attach them.


Our AIM scopes line consists of standard configuration for hunting, 4x32 dual illuminating tactical compact scopes with fiber optic sight and attached rails.

KenArnoldCSA has more products to include with our vast inventory before the holiday season arrives. Now is the time to be thinking of your favorite gun enthusiast, and what accessory will best suit their firearm fancy!


The NRA is requesting that gun owners contact their state’s senators to support “The Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act”, to protect our rights on land owned or managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Go to www.nra.org and click the “Hunting” tab and under “Hunting Issues”, you will find information concerning this and several other articles that are directly related to your Right to Bear Arms. Rifle scopes vary in quality and price, finding the right one can be as hard as lining up a target, stay focused and keep your mind on what matters, light, lens quality,and no reticle movement.

We receive shipments daily, fully stocked and still expanding!