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Rifles Stocks

We carry rifle stocks & other firearm accessories, we are your one stop shop so you can easily find and order accessories and components for your firearms. Our SKS line features, folding stocks, six-position, gas tubes and gas pistons for your rifle.

AR-15 Rifle Stocks

We have a wide variety of AR-15 rifle stocks from the A2 to the mil-stec 6 position stock in many colors and with matching accessories such as grips, hand guards, and magazines. In addition, for the big kid in you…AR Golf Ball Launchers!

AK-47 Rifle Stocks

Our warehouse is full of AK-47 and AK-74 stocks from the AK folding stock to the 6 position AK stocks, with matching hand guards, grips, trigger groups, muzzle breaks, sights, and build kits.

Slide Fire

The new design, the SSAR-15 rifle stock; this new technology provides a safe, new element for target practicing.


Outfit your Ruger mini-14, mini-30 or Ruger 1022 with a Intrafuse stock, Strikeforce stock, or Fiberforce stock which will allow customization and to accessorize your rifle to its fullest.

Mossberg Shotgun Stocks

Our Mossberg collection consists of pistol grips, composite stocks, and we also carry the specop stock with knoxx recoil suppression technology and accessories such as side saddles, mag extension tubes, and heat shields.

Remington Shotgun Stocks

Our warehouse is stocked with an extensive variety of Remington stocks and accessories like lights, lasers, slings, and fore grips.

Saiga Shotguns

For your Saiga 12 gauge shotgun, we carry the Tapco Intrafuse system, 12 tactical quad rail, drum mags, 10 round magazines, & comfortable gel butt pads.

With a huge variety of shotgun stocks, tactical stocks and sniper stocks from top manufacturers like ATI, Choate, Slide Fire, and Tapco; and our Flat Rate Shipping Fee of $6.95 in the U.S., why shop anywhere else? Hunting season is here and you may need to upgrade your rifle with a new stock, scope,or both. With a modification kit for your gun you can increase the length if you are taller, and include a locking system for more control. These rifle stocks are easy to install, made with durable polymer, lightweight, a ribbed butt plate that prevents the stock from slipping.

We also carry modification kits for the AR15, AK47 and AK74, your weapons of choice!  With the U.S manufactured component pieces, it is legal to assemble as long as you comply with the law.

Other items we provide are mounting brackets, optics packages, power scopes, vertical grips, tactical lights, magazines and many other items that you can see in our online catalog. We invite you to check out our demonstration videos and browse through our catalog, as we add new and additional products frequently.

You can shop online or if you have questions, call, and then place your order. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover or you may purchase through a PayPal account. Ken Arnold CSA, formed in 2005, is dedicated to supplying rifle stocks and "everything else" you need for your firearm.

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